Systemic Scleroderma

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This site is designed as a place for information about scleroderma to help get the word out about one of the most challenging diseases. If you are in South Dakota, there are two support group. The Rapid City scleroderma support group is called the Black Hills Scleroderma Support Group. There is also a scleroderma support group in Sioux Falls. This site is connected with the Black Hills Scleroderma Support Group.

Please feel free to use the banner at the top of the page. It emphasizes the importance of stress management, exercise, and prayer in dealing with scleroderma. Scleroderma is bigger than any one of us but it is not a death sentence. It is challenging but not insurmountable. It is incurable but it can often be controlled.

If you are looking for some practical information on scleroderma, please go to the "Video Links" page. That page has links to videos of speakers discussing various scleroderma topics.

Please come back and visit as more information will gradually be added to this site. In the meantime, it is recommended that you also visit the Scleroderma Foundation's website. The Scleroderma Foundation is a truly fantastic organization that provides information and support for people with scleroderma. They also advocate for more reasearch. Looking for a worthy place to donate your money? There really isn't any one that is better---as they consistently use an overwhelming majority of their funds for patients. It is a great organization!
The Black Hills Scleroderma Support Group meets at the Rapid City Public Library, typically on the first Wednesday of the month. To get an invite to the group, please send an email to

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June 29th was World Scleroderma Day! Governor Kristi Noem proclaimed June Scleroderma Awareness Month in South Dakota!

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The Black Hills Scleroderma Support Group is sponsored by the Scleroderma Foundation.